Wednesday, January 21, 2009


So i still dont have a job! I have looked but its hard to get one when you are 18 and dont have much experience! I am working on scholarships to pay for school. Thinking about joining a sorority! If you are familiar in this department let me know! All I know about it is the stuff I see in movies which I am sure is not that accurate! So let me know! I saw an old friend who is in the marines. We talked about military life. He is home on a medical leave to get knee surgery so we reminisced about the days of basic. It kinda makes me sad knowing he will get that life and I never will. Who knows? Maybe when I graduate college I will do officer training for the air force. We will just see. Another friend just joined the Air Force to do my job. Intelligence-Cryptology. That could have been me. But it obviously just wasnt meant to be :( It is good to be home with my family and friends where I know things are familiar.


Shelly said...

Jill did the sorority thing at USU and I think it was a really good thing for her - you should talk to her!